CNN found some of those anonymous “Democrats”,  who normally call Matt Drudge with Drudge Siren scoops, to spill the beans that President Shabazz X. Killmylandlord went all Chicago thug thizzle on some Congressional newbie this morning.

Race war to commence…. NOW!:

During a question and answer session Wednesday with Democrats on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama offered what Democratic sources said was a testy response to a question about a federal loan guarantee program, with one source in the room calling it “rude and dismissive.”

Other Democrats said they didn’t think the president’s response was dismissive, and pointed out Obama vowed to follow up with an answer. The lawmaker himself, freshman Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, said of the exchange, “I am the youngest of five brothers – I’ve been in a headlock before and it’s all in good fun.”

But the reaction from some Democrats is reflective of long-simmering tension between the president and fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, many of whom don’t feel included or respected by Obama.

For those who don’t speak “Old White Person English” the expression “whom don’t feel included or respected” means ‘dissed’ which can only lead to a ‘brouhaha’ followed ‘fisticuffs” once harrumphs are expressed, morning coats are shed, sleeves are rolled up, and the rules of engagement are agreed upon with the winner agreeing to stand all to a drink afterward to show that there are no hard feelings.

Here is Irish pugilist Sean Patrick Maloney responding to the bumptious nubian’s display of obstreperousness:

Maloney himself described the exchange this way: “I asked the President for a commitment to prioritize a local jobs project, and I got it. I appreciate the President’s responsiveness.”

A Democratic source close to Maloney said the Democratic lawmaker “was not personally offended when he was talking with the president.”

Fight! Fight! (…this is for the manic progressives and rightwing nut/slutbags who think that Maloney is now going to get droned-killed while having a peppermint-caramel frappuchino at a Starbucks in New Rochelle because …. Oilbomber)

Also, the Power Mad Destroyer Of All That Is Good And Holy In The Constitution warns us to not pay attention to anything that we read in The Huffington Post:

Multiple sources tell CNN that another heated moment came when Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado asked about rumors that Larry Summers is being considered to head the Federal Reserve, and told the president it is a bad idea.

Sources said the president got defensive and clearly upset, saying that he is sick of the Washington game and liberal press like the Huffington Post going off on Summers as not liberal enough.

So, all those Miley Cyrus sideboob shots?


I told you guys not to trust the lamestream media ….




Yeah. Like I would tell you....