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Rest in Peace Walter De Maria

Oh, I overslept.  What a lame excuse.

You know I am an artist, and sometimes it is just all about art.  Here is a look at atmospheric phenomena that I thought might be interesting for others.

We had incredible lightening storms in New Mexico for a couple of nights as Walter De Maria was leaving the earthly plane. I happened to know some people who were at the Lightening Field when the storms were on and said it was the most incredible experience ever.  RIP, Walter.

This may have been covered already somewhere at FDL, and I missed it.  But I think it is an outstanding rundown of the latest lip movement from PBO.  I can’t stand to listen any more.

I forgot to add this link to sign a card for Bradley Manning.

I am so sorry for getting the diner open late this morning.  Have a good day, see you in the comments.

Photo by John Fowler released under a Creative Commons license.

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