Before he heads off for two fun-filled weeks of Sex Camp, San Diego’s soon to be ex-mayor Bob Filner is all “Yo, bro, can you pick up the check on this one? I’ll catch the next one”:

Mayor Bob Filner’s attorney asked that the City Council pay his legal bills as he fights allegations of sexual harassment.

The request came to the San Diego city attorney on Monday and will be considered in closed session by the council on Tuesday.

Seven of the nine council members have urged Filner to resign. Several have said that the city should not be forced to pay his legal fees because his alleged misconduct was not part of his official duties.

In the past, the city has paid several million dollars in legal fees for city officials in scandals involving illegal campaign contributions and the city’s pension deficit.

As noted in the article, the city would be liable for his legal bills if, for example, his official duties included (but were not limited to) grab-ass, touch the tit, hide the salami, “webcasting the peen” (Anthony Weiner only), and shouting “Hey baby, want to eat my lunch” to passing women from city construction sites. But, alas for Mayor Bob, that is not likely the case.

Somehow though, I think the city is going to end up being on the hook for this meaning that Filner, after having been rebuffed by so many, will be able to go into “retirement” having finally managed to fuck someone. In this case: San Diego’s taxpayers.

(photo: Gwen Harlow -flickr)



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