From Turkish blogger, Levent Kazak:

Last week, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, got his millions of voters to boo and set up Memet Ali Alabora as a target. Alabora is an artist, a union president, and a citizen. Meanwhile, Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek participated in a television program three days ago where he said, referring to the same artist, “The state will catch Alabora with God’s permission, and I’ll see him behind bars.”

There is no historical precedent for the way in which an artist was specifically pointed out as a target.

We reject this disproportionate hostility in any country that embraces the ideal of democracy.

All people have the right to express themselves, to create, write, act, and reflect their views in their work. Effort to frame these activities as crime is a direct assault  on all our lives. The claims that one can incite a revolt with a tweet, rehearse a coup d’etat with a theatre play or meet in with Egypt with the “interest lobby” may have their places in comedy, but neither in law nor in politics.

This way of thinking is a tragicomic effort that ignores the reality. The discourse of hate against Memet Ali Alabora has reached extremely threatening levels and is becoming a “civic death.”

We appeal to those who are responsible for this public lynching: Enough is enough, this is absolute nonsense. You are committing a crime!

We call on the lawyers, the media, and the columnists: please do not remain silent to this crime, to this lynching.

Let’s stand united in the face of this language and hatred that finds its embodiment against not only Memet Ali,  but all of us.

We are who Mehmet Ali is.

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