Cute, eh?

Meet the Japanese Flying Squid!


Highly radioactive water is leaking directly into the groundwater at Fukushima. ex-skf has more details. If the leak just started as Tepco claims, it’ll likely get worse quickly. If it’s been going on since the earthquake, this one source could explain most of the reported seawater contamination. For the water to be that hot, I think it must have been in contact with corium.

The Japanese Flying Squid is edible and one of the more tasty ones. It’s also a zero impact fishery, as the squid are taken after they mate when they’d die shortly anyway.

Extremely expensive fusion has yet to hit break even. What would we have if we’d spent the same money on solar?

Elevated levels of heavy metals and such found in wells near fracking sites. How many wind turbines can we build for the price of one fracked well?

Here’s a novel way to use solar energy to avoid the expense of electric lights in the town square.

10,000 year old calendar found in Scotland. This would be the worlds oldest.

Speculation: Could this be behind the clumping effect that begins star and planet formation? And how much dark matter just vanished?

Wild dolphins have their own names, research confirms. They’re smart enough to vote and wise enough not to.

False memory implanted in a mouse. I refuse to speculate what ObamaLLP or BushCo would do if they could do this to people. But I’m betting we’d get a lot more guilty pleas in terrorism cases.

Some antarctic research stations. We’ve sure come a long way since the old geodesic dome. The current station at the south pole looks kinda like an elementary school on stilts. McMurdo Station now looks like a small Alaska town.

Boxturtle (Off to the county fair! WooHoo!!!)