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Greenwald: NSA Analysts Have Access to ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tools

Wasn’t it great that Glenn deflected George’s questions about Snowden and Russia in favor of keeping the NSA revelations themselves as the story, not the messenger?  It looks as though he wasn’t just a-woofin’ when he’d promised us that there were more explosive revelations to come.  The hearings that he referenced were two: one called by Rep. Alan Grayson for Wednesday July 31 ‘to hear from critics’ of the NSA program, and on the same day on the Senate side, ‘that will feature Gen Alexander and possibly his deputy, Chris Inglis, as well as senior officials from the Department of Justice and FBI.’

Greenwald has indicated that he will testify by video link.  He recently gave a link to the law that clearly shows it was illegal for Clapper to have lied to Congress.

In related news from The New Yorker:

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