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Iguassu Falls 2008.


International Developments

? Israel has released 104 Palestinian prisoners, which “enables peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians to begin as early as next week.”  Update:  Talks start Monday.

? Between 65 – 72 people dead in Egypt as “security forces” attack Muslim Brotherhood supporters.  US Secretary of State John Kerry “has urged Egypt to pull ‘back from the brink’.”  Update:  “Morsi supporters pledge to stand firm after massacre.”  Update:  “New Clashes Kill 2“.

? “Syrian army ‘makes key gains in Homs’.”

? “US officials are claiming that an internal Pakistani assessment of civilian deaths from US drone strikes [at least 147 of 746 people listed as killed . . . were civilians] is ‘far from authoritative.'”

? Suspected US drone kills 5 on Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

? “A former CIA officer has broken the U.S. silence around the 2003 abduction of a radical Islamist cleric in Italy, charging that the agency inflated the threat the preacher posed and . . . allowed Italy to prosecute her and other Americans to shield President George W. Bush”, et al.

Money Matters USA

? “Four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and a vanishing American Dream.  Hardship is particularly on the rise among whites”.

? Congressional Budget Office:  “canceling sequestration at the beginning of August would likely add 900,000 [and maybe even 1.6 million] jobs to the economy”.  Failure to cancel it will continue to harm children in Head Start and military base schools, people living on Indian reservations, dependent on Meals on Wheel, Section 8 housing, etc., but who’s concerned about all that?

? “The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage: How Guest Workers Lower US Wages.”

? “About 70 anti-foreclosures activists gathered [yesterday] afternoon outside the San Marino home of Wells Fargo Chief Financial Officer Tim Sloan”.  Occupy Fights Foreclosures and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment were there. [cont’d.]

Photo by Claudio.AR under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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