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A Rhyme For Our Time

Just a bit of sarcasm.

The President Got ON TV.

The president got on TV
To tell us how it’s gotta be
and everyone watched excitedly

Though wall street’s who we have to thank
for putting the economy in then tank
and you’ve been foreclosed by Citibank

We really are doing very well you see

Congress is doing all it can
to give the upper crust a hand
even with most in cuckoo land

They will protect them all judiciously

The crazy right and liberals
spend most of their time in pointless squabbles
and they seem to have lost all their marbles

Washington will help you out eventually

Our health care law is really the best
though it mostly feathers the doctors nest
Your insurance company gets the rest

We really are better of for it economically

And real estate is sure to climb
The way it dropped is such a crime
And now it ain’t worth a dime

We still have major budget deficiency

So we all must tighten our belts
And drill the Arctic before it melts
We can’t afford programs like Roosevelt’s

We need to maintain economic efficiency

We must give the banks all their due
As they repossess Kalamazoo
And the 1% moves to Kathmandu

This what we call austerity

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