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Why we can’t continue using the term “whistle blower”

This is a very short diary

I have been saying for years we MUST stop using the phrases and terms that defeat our own purpose, one such term I have been lobbying against for about 5 years, the term “whistle blower”

And every time I try pointing out that the term is a pejorative and that it has negative implications like “rat fing” there are defenders of the term, saying my perception is incorrect

to settle the discussion hopefully once and for all, let’s go to the thesaurus;

Main Entry: rat
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: informer
Synonyms: backstabber, betrayer, blabbermouth, canary, deep throat, double-crosser, fink, informant, sneak, snitch, source, squealer, stool pigeon, stoolie, tattler, tattletale, turncoat, whistle-blower

No, this is not edited, in the very first google return for the thesaurus meaning of “whistle blower” there is not one positive synonym, not one!

THAT should do it, we MUST come up with a term that suits OUR cause rather then the term that suits our opponents

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