And in the last part of this segment on TRNN he articulates it with the 5 questions posed to him here. I shall embed it thusly.

Hedges dream is to organize massive protests. To get people out in the streets and to monkey wrench the PTB so that business as usual cannot go on. The end result being the removal of the current group of elites from power in a peaceful manner. The same dream I have read from others here and on other blogs and outlets.

The last time we had a massive outpouring of rage and discontent – though not in the streets – was in 2008 when the financial system locked up and Wall Street was about to tank and congress was ordered to pass a bill to refund the banks and Wall Street to rescue them with TAX money. This did not last long and Bush had little trouble getting congress to go along. Sure there was a small act of indignation but it was only and act and except for the fringes on the right and left, those typical Americans began to get quiet. Especially when it was reveled that it was their 401Ks and BMWs and McMansions Washington was trying to rescue from the abyss.  Since had the system collapsed, it would have been the stock holders and bond holders via their financial planners and managers who would have been literally thrown out into the streets.

I say it’s a dream because this is the same country where dumping old people into nursing homes and forgetting them is the accepted practice.  Where public education is for the great unwashed. And the general mantra is “anything that’s your problem is your problem and nobody else’s”.

So I wonder just how many people would be out on the streets…even if they began to round up dissenters or old people or immigrants and put them in detention camps or just exterminated them. Or would they just plead ignorance like the Germans who lived just outside “Auschwitz” and Che?mno did.

Or  would it really only interest just a small circle of friends.