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“Things are going to be hell for you”

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Cannabis Leaves

The drug war turns a plant-based medicine into a hellish struggle.

We live in a country where the sick are denied comfort, relief and even cures because of cannabis prohibition. And, if you are a Parkinson’s patient, shuffling slowly across your disability payment bed-sit to re-catheterize yourself, because a former cannabis user is vain, weak and calculating,

“Things are going to be hell for you.”

We live in a country that arrested over 800,000 citizens last year for cannabis related offenses, primarily small scale possession. Those unlucky enough to be convicted, and of course this means primarily Black and Latino Americans, will be stigmatized for their entire working lives, having their ability to contribute to our society be compromised forever. If you are a young American who uses the same natural substance recreationally that was used by honored and lionized Americans including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson,

“Things are going to be hell for you.”

We live in a world where thousands of our neighbors are being slaughtered every year in horrific fashion because prohibition creates a black market that is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars and that is controlled by brutish criminals. If you are an honest law enforcement official in Mexico or an innocent 8 year old niece of a drug smuggler,

“Things are going to be hell for you.”

What is it that leads otherwise rational and progressive Americans to not see in abject clarity that the Obama administration is pathologically committed to ensuring that cannabis be illegal for consumption by American adults during his presidency and that afflicted and dying American’s will not be able to receive the medically proven benefits of medicinal cannabis following the recent pharmacy raids in Washington state?

Obama’s body-armoured representative thumb nailed the administration’s approach to continuing the suffering and pain of our afflicted, continuing the racist jailing and lifelong stigmatization of our youth, continuing to cynically deploy dishonest and misrepresentational propagandic talking points, continuing to dishonestly hide from what he knows from his significant use of the natural substance cannabis- that it is both harmless and helpful, continuing to trumpet and support discredited pseudo-scientific studies and medical quackery, continuing to blaze a path in the opposite direction of compassion, morality, humanity, science and the rest of the industrial world when he said,

“Things are going to be hell for you.”

If standing by our political team in some freakish “Friday Night Lights” sports game of a partisanship slap-fest is more important than our sick and dying sisters and our unfairly arrested and prosecuted brothers who suffer on the sidelines – then we have all uttered the horrible and discompassionate threat,

“Things are going to be hell for you.”

Photo by Matthew Kenwrick released under a Creative Commons No Derivatives license.

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