(See below for fun Bob Filner summer hijinks)

As we wrap up this weeks coverage of The Sexy Adventures Of Sexy Bob Filner Who Is So Sexy (also known as the Great San Diego Mayoral Deathwatch With Extra Squickiness), we would like to note that Mayor Bob On This is not your typical creepy sexual predator in a position of authority who preys upon campaign workers, office staff, or anything that moves …. although it is still early here and more revelations are sure to come. No, when Bob Filner wants to score it’s Go Big, Or Go Home And Masturbate Furiously:

The latest women to accuse Filner of making unwanted sexual advances were a retired Navy admiral, a San Diego State University dean, a leader in the city’s tourism industry and the head of a group of business owners who are tenants of the San Diego Port District.

The encounters with the 70-year-old Democrat were at public events, the women said.

Joyce Gattas, dean of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, told KPBS that Filner held her tightly, kissed her and put his hands on her knee. She also said she had seen Filner make “sexual comments to others.”

Veronica “Ronne” Froman, a retired Navy rear admiral who became the city’s chief operating officer under Filner’s mayoral predecessor, Jerry Sanders, said that during a meeting with Filner while he was in Congress, Filner “stopped me and he got very close to me. And he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me, ‘Do you have a man in your life?’ ”

Froman said she rebuffed Filner but was so rattled that she told two men who were at the same meeting to “never leave me alone in a room with Bob Filner again.”

Also this week, a school psychologist and a political consultant accused Filner of inappropriate touching. The former said he tried to kiss her; the latter said he patted her buttocks.

If it weren’t so sad and disgusting and skeevy, you would almost have to appreciate the sexual hubris of Filner who seems to believe that a group of exceedingly accomplished women in San Diego have yet to achieve professional fulfillment, to say nothing of scaling the heights of sexual nirvana, until they have been repeatedly impaled by some hot throbbing Mayor Bob Filner man-meat.

Having said that, most every conversation in San Diego regarding L’affaire Filner tends to end with a pregnant pause before someone says, “Still better than DeMaio…” and everybody is all, “yup” …”you got that right” … “darn tootin‘”… and then we all go get tattoos while drinking Mexican beer.


Filner just held a press conference and announced that he is going to take a few weeks off and “enter a behavior counseling center to begin intensive therapy”.

Somehow I don’t think that two weeks of summer camp at Lake Titty-No-Touch is going to make this go away.



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