Thursday Night Basset Blogging

As I have mentioned before, Wembley suffers from epilepsy (which our vet admits is “the thing we call call it because we don’t know what causes it”) and, although he doesn’t have seizures so frequently that he has to be medicated daily, they still occur every 35 to 60 days give or take. With the exception of one occurance, they usually happen when he is abruptly awakened out of a deep sleep which, with a basset who sleeps about 18 hours a day, is a constant risk. We have developed a procedure for coming into the house that seems to work, allowing him to awaken gradually. The other night we were sitting on the couch, with Wembley snoozing across the leggy Mrs Tbogg’s leggy legs when Wembley awoke and began with another seizure. We always loosely restrain him so he doesn’t attempt to get up and walk and possibly hurt himself, put a towel under him because sometimes pee happens, and generally hold him and talk to him until it passes; it usually comes in two waves. Afterwards he’s kind of dopey (more so than usual)  and then he pants like he ran a race. A few minutes later its like nothing ever happened, except that we feel awful.

So this is from the other day as he came out of it.

I guess, with the tongue hanging out, this is what passes for an action shot.

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