International Developments

? Moscow says “US Plans for Syria Strikes at Odds With Peace Conference Idea”.

? An informal meeting is scheduled between the UN Security Council and “members of the opposition Syrian National Committee”, except “the chief rebel commander” will not attend.

? “Syria Rebels Attack Civilian Convoy, Kill 1 Woman”.

? “Hagel: ‘Troops At a Breaking Point’; Vets: ‘Then Bring Us Home’.”  Hagel’s speaking of a “mental health epidemic” and citing “deployment readiness” as the solution.

? “CIA closing bases in Afghanistan as it shifts focus amid military drawdown.”

? Contractors either didn’t install or improperly installed “simple” IED attack prevention systems in Afghanistan, says the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.  More.

? “Egypt’s army chief calls for street protests” to support the military’s confronting “‘violence and potential terrorism’.”  US “delays” selling four F-26 military jets to Egypt.

? 3 killed, dozens injured as “Pakistan bomb blasts hit intelligence agency in Sukkur.”

? Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will introduce an authorization to use military force against Iran in September if “nothing changes” by then.

“Russia’s Putin to visit Tehran for nuclear talks” next month

? “Bulgarian protesters block parliament in Sofia unrest.”  They’re upset about government corruption.  Update:  “Police rescue 100 besieged MPs after parliament blockade . . . protest turns violent.

International Finance

? “Japan makes belated debut at end of TPP round in Malaysia.”

? “European investment bank to stop financing coal-fired power plants” as part of EU effort to cut carbon emissions.

? Venezuela wants a $5bn loan from China “to finance a state investment fund that was recently the victim of an embezzlement scheme by the fund’s own employees”.

Money Matters USA

? J. Oliver on the death of Detroit.

? Since Detroit is not a big bank making big donations to campaign coffers, Congress says “Forget Financial Bailout”.

? OK’s been given to move the Detroit bankruptcy case forward.

? Janet Yellen has what it takes to be chair of the Fed, but there is a “whispering campaign that’s emerged against her”, some of it sexist, which helps promote the nomination of Larry Summers, known for sexist comments.  DDay:  “Larry Summer will destroy the economy (again).”  Is that the point?

In Hot Pursuit

? News about Eric Snowden’s chances of leaving the Sheremetyevo Airport has been yo-yoing all day. Examples here and here.

Surveillance Planet

? “Army’s Giant Surveillance Blimp to Start Tracking Objects in DC Region.” [cont’d].

Photo by Roslyn in Starfish Island released under Creative Commons License

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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