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Closing Arguments in Bradley Manning’s Trial (Live Updates)

Judge Lind at the Manning trial. Pic by C. Stoeckley.

12:04 PM EST The government is now claiming that  Bradley Manning “pulled as much information as possible to please Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.”  Fein: Why did Manning select WikiLeaks? Because they could guarantee “near real-time disclosures on the web as fast as possible for the world to access.”

The government cites a report on the Chaos Communication Congress (C3) conference that indicated WikiLeaks ‘posed a threat’. The C3 report showed that WikiLeaks posed threat not only from external disclosures, but also from DoD insiders.

As such, the government claims that “Insiders would be able to easily leak information (to WikiLeaks) without fear of any direct repercussions” and further claim that “Diverse elements of the US military reported that WikiLeaks was a threat to national security interests of the US government.”

12:02 PM EST The government is using neatly organized information that Manning had on his hard drive (but never released) as evidence of “actual knowledge” that he would  “aid the enemy.”

Major Fein: Manning had “actual knowledge that enemies of US used the internet and WikiLeaks to gather information to be used against this country.”

Major Fein: The government must hold Manning “accountable for exact training he gave others on this subject matter” (Manning produced presentation on infosec).

Fein continued: Manning was a “trained analyst who understood how to assess the enemy and how the enemy assesses US forces deployed.”

11:58 AM EST Major Ashden Fein of the government is delivering the closing argument.

Fein: Bradley Manning was armed with stark knowledge of what would happen if classified information materials were compromised. He claims that Manning “knew the importance of protecting classified information and that a violation of those agreements could result” in “precise” criminal prosecution.

11:52 AM EST The prosecution expects their closing argument to go on for two more hours. They have already been going for close to an hour.

10:40 AM EST Up next: the US government will deliver its closing argument in Bradley Manning’s trial.

10:25 AM EST Judge Lind found, in her ruling on the stealing offenses, that this is a “case of first impression.” There had to be “some evidence” of misuse of records to withstand the motion for acquittal of the stealing offenses.

The judge didn’t accept the defense argument of the government charging theft of five databases and not the information in them. The information was included in the definition of records and databases.

10:21 AM EST Military judge denies the defense motion to acquit Bradley Manning of stealing, purloining or knowingly converting information.

The Judge granted the government’s motion to amend the stealing offenses, but has denied the defense motion for mistrial because the charges were being amended.

The Judge rules that the government may not use the cost of maintaining data management, infrastructure or software to prove Manning ‘stole property’ worth over $1000. So evidence related to the cost of data management, infrastructure & software will be disregarded when putting together the verdict.

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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."