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I thought Abby Martin’s Weapons of Mass Distraction video response to the “royal baby” nonsense was worthy of sharing here — a welcome antidote to the mainstream media’s continued failure.

A brave editorial by 14-year-old Tuesday Cain is making the rounds in which she responds to abusive comments from hateful “Christians” that oppose abortion. From Alternet:

The first day that we were out protesting at the Capitol, my friend and I took turns holding up the sign I wrote, and an older man came up to us yelling right in our faces. “You two should shave your heads! You should become lesbians! No man will ever want you! You’re ugly!”

The police had to ask him to stop yelling at us. It was scary. But more than scaring me, what it did was make me feel even more determined to stand up and protest even louder.

I’m not going to let someone calling me a whore stop me from fighting for what is right for all women. I’m not going to let the bullies win in the fight over women’s bodies.

I read some of the comments online that people said about me, and I was so proud of my dad for sticking up for me and for the sign I wrote. After a certain point, I really couldn’t believe some of the comments people were writing. One person said that my parents should be arrested for child abuse and in another unbelievable comment, someone suggested that my dad must invite all my friends over to “play abortion clinic.”

I’m done feeling disappointed by these attacks. That is why I’m speaking out — even if I am only 14 years old.

The world needs more activists with her bravery at all ages.

What’s on your mind tonight? It’s an open conversation in the comments.

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Photo by Mohd Khomaini Mohd Sidik released under a Creative Commons No Derivatives license.

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