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Chris Hedges Says What I’ve Been Thinking For Some Time

I mean, part of the Occupy movement is they had that kind of bourgeois liberal notion of tolerance. You know, everything is okay. Well, everything isn’t okay. You know, if we’re going to build a political force that is going to counter systems of power that seek to destroy us, you know, some things are not acceptable and some things are acceptable.

The above quote comes from part 6 of a 7 part Real News Network interview with Chris Hedges.

I’ve tried to discuss this here before, but every time I have it’s been received badly.  It seems tolerance outweighs right and wrong to most liberals, lefties, whatever name makes you not uncomfortable.

And it just doesn’t.  I used to be 100% tolerance myself, believing the only thing that shouldn’t be tolerated is intolerance.  I now believe that no society can ever function well with that ideology.  Tolerate different skin colors, religions, races, names, sexes, sexual preferences, etc., but there are some things that absolutely should not be tolerated, not allowed to be discussed, and just 100% in other words be INTOLERATED.

Murder.  Slavery.  Pedophilia. I could go on.  And I will.  50,000 human beings dying because of a choice about how to distribute health care.  Millions in famine because of choices on how to distribute food.  Genocide.  Millions living in poverty while dozens live in luxury off their labors.   I could still go on but I won’t.

ALL OF THESE things are as unacceptable as the other.  Would you merely respond with logical arguments to a pedophile that posts a diary here at FDL on why sex with 8 year olds really isn’t bad, and read as he uses words and reasoning that might almost sound logical at first??  Or would you shout loudly and clearly STFU!  This is unacceptable.

We, the left, liberals, socialists, whathefuckeverists, if we ever want to take power away from sociopaths, have got to be willing to stand up and say, loudly and with conviction, that we have these beliefs, these beliefs are our backbone and our bedrock, and THEY ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE.

But so many on the left feel as though this is some sort of a betrayal of what it is to be liberal.

It’s not.  There are things that are acceptable to discuss and debate.  Ending the world isn’t one of them.  And that’s what we’re facing if we don’t get our shit together because capitalism will destroy this earth unless it’s stopped.

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