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US Chamber of Commerce admits to one Billion in political lobbying

As the working class struggles. And employers mock them with unrealistic blame the poor for spending too much budgets. The US Chamber of Commerce admits is has spent over one billion dollars ensuring that politicians are only listening to corporate interests.

When the behemoth business trade group reported its lobbying numbers for the second quarter of 2013 on Monday, it set a new record: The Chamber became the first organization to report total federal lobbying expenditures of more than $1 billion, according to Reporting that it spent $19.11 million from April through June, its grand total now stands at $1,002,845,680 since 1998, when the Center for Responsive Politics began tracking lobbying data.

A billion dollars is quite effective at keeping our politicians voting on religious right pet issues and trying to repeal health care for everyone.

All the while the ones that generate the wealth and vote the politicians into office find it harder and harder to survive nevertheless thrive in this economy.

That billion dollars represents millions of voters voices being silenced by wads of cash in the coffers of politicians.

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