Yesterday I began my final week as a full-time, perma-temp, employee at a major educational publisher in California. I work at the publisher, as a contractor, through a temporary employment agency.

While I have worked here for the past year, learning the particularities of the projects I tended, and established myself as the point person in my department for the respective needs of my team-members, I must now cut back the amount of hours I work each week in order to keep my job. This agreement became the better alternative, since I had intially been told that my temporary assingment here would end this week and that I was therefore ineligible to apply for any other positions at this company for at least one year. Nevermind that my projects will now lose a team member and have to become aquainted with a new one. Nevermind the learning curve. And, neverind the time that will again be necessary to train a new hire.

This arrangement between the publisher, the temp agency, and all employees like myself is the favored means of maintaining a work force at this company in order to avoid spending any uneccesary money on people, such as benefits, full time pay, etc.

However, inherent in this arrangement is also a limit to the amount of ownership that employees can take in the work.



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