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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

My secret weapon is 100% pure weapons grade cuteness!

Good Morning!

How many Fukushima workers received over the limit radiation doses? TEPCO said 178. After being pressured to re-evaluate their data, the actual number is 1,978.

Steam is rising from reactor #3, all work is stopped nearby. TEPCO assures us that the radiation in the air has not increased. A cynic might think that’s because they’re not measuring at the right altitude. And might wonder how the radiation on the GROUND is doing.

The Iberian lynx is in trouble, but wouldn’t be if the plan for it’s survival took climate change into account.

Good thing climate change is a myth, or we might be worried about this evidence. Won’t happen until after I’m dead, so gimme my cheap gasoline and screw the rest of you!

Research points the way to possible new treatments for MS.

This virus is so much larger than any other virus that they’re wondering if this is a 4th domain of life. This is 1000 nanometers, the prior record holder was 100 nanometers and most are under 10.

Attack cancer with two drugs at once? That would certainly be a major change to treatment, which currently prefers one drug at a time.

Evolution is predictable.

Good thing evolution is just a theory or these idiots just south of me would look like idiots. Now I can’t pick on Texas for electing Bats**t crazy people this week.

How squid change color.

Boxturtle (Husky, Great Pyrenees and longhair housecat are all shedding. It’s enough to choke my Dyson)

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