If you google Chevy Volt pays for itself you find a bunch of articles like this

Chevy Volt pays for itself in just 27 years. A graphic from the right-wing NY Times shows the break-even times for buyers who purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid, electric or otherwise eco-friendly vehicle vs. the approximate gas-powered equivalent. BTW, the EV prices include the Federal Tax Credit, which does not always find its way to the end user.


If you are thinking about buying a Chevy Volt, A Nissan Leaf (all electric ) or just a hybrid car this must have you worried.

However if you look at the big picture you should be terrified of driving regular cars.

Charts: Bush Lowballed Us on Iraq by $6 Trillion
—By Tasneem Raja| Tue Mar. 19, 2013


Iraq was  a war for oil that we will all be paying for one way or another.

As shown below, the total, global amount of fossil fuel subsidies provided in 2012 is likely to be at least ¾ of a trillion dollars annually – $775 Billion


But the oil companies want more tax breaks!

Nov 9, 2010

Global subsidies for renewable energy totaled $57 billion in 2009, International Energy Agency Chief Economist Fatih Birol said today, providing the agency’s first estimate of assistance for the industry.



6 trillion plus 775 billion = 6.775trillion this year and the number increases by 775 billion a year compare this to 57 billion a year in subsidies  for all green energy.

Cost is still cost whether its government or the free market if money is spent on oil and wars for oil thats less money spent in the economy.

If anyone has a calculator that goes up that high please figure out just how many Chevy Volts, Leafs, hybrids America could have bought for 6.775 trillion dollars assuming that they were all driven the average amount a year Americans drive thats a little less than 10,000 miles but lets round up to make the math easier   Chevy Volt price MSRP*1 as low as $31,645


If we use another analysis but this guy does not show his math but the Financial Post is a business  rag and if anything business rags would print  low numbers on this subject. I just wished they showed the math better.

the real cost of oil from the Middle East for Americans may total US$300 a barrel or more


Notice that despite all the talk of America being self sufficient in oil oil prices are still high but the true cost of oil is hidden and not paid for directly at the pump.  However everyone can understand $300 a barrel for oil.




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