What if Trayvon Martin was white?

Here is a link to President Obama asking this question and then answering it:


Here is a link to Joe Scarborough asking this question and then answering it:


Here is a link to Trayvon Martins father asking this question:



Here is a link to an article in the Daily KOS asking this question and then answering it:



I want to focus on this single question appealing to peoples bias that has no basis in reality.   Yes, the question has no basis in reality.  The question invokes a vision in the mind or an illusion that does not exist.  Trayvon was not White and Zimmerman is not black.     Please notice in the videos and the article that immediately following this question is the insinuation that “we all know what the result would be” or “you’d have to be ignorant not to know what the result would be”.    These are common propaganda techniques designed to transfer the meme that Trayvon would still be alive and that it was only racism that caused his death.

It is not true.   It is an illusion and a mental trick designed to make people believe they have come to the conclusion themselves.

To find the truth we must ask ourselves if it is true that Zimmerman would not have shot a white man that broke his nose and was pounding his head on the sidewalk?     No, it is not true because it is a hypothetical situation that does not exist and was never an actual event that occurred in reality.   No matter how logical it appears, playing it out that Zimmerman would not have tracked and shot a white man is a fictitious event and we can not possibly know what would happen, we do not know.  It is a conclusion created in the mind that may or may not be true.

It was a play on peoples addiction to emotional thought that creates anger.  The people are pawing at the dopamine delivery switch in their mental cages to get that rush of emotion that makes them feel so alive.

For some, it is a convenient conclusion that confirms and validates their preconceptions about whites, blacks and racism.

Do you see how America is being played?    The above list just scratches the surface of the hundreds of times this “what if” meme has been broadcast and it will be continually broadcast over and over in the future.  Eventually, people will start to believe it as fact if they do not already.  Or they do not have the critical thinking skills to examine it for what is.

Here is a link to Charlie Rangel making a related statement that is completely his biased belief.   Again, it has no basis in reality, it is only in his mind.  White people are beaten by the police as well, we know that to be true.:


Do not attach yourself to a racial virus that eats the mind from the inside out.  Live in reality.   Angry people want nothing more than to  to make other people angry and experience their self inflicted pain.