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Fatster’s Roundup

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International Developments

? “Source of Egypt’s Coup:  Morsi Gave Free Hand to Islamic Militants, Ordered Military To Stop Crackdowns on Jihadis.” Large protests continue across the country.

? “‘Madrassas are emptying’ for final US fighting season in Afghanistan.”

? A local politician is being sought in the food poisoning of 55 people, 22 of whom died, in India.  Apparently, it’s part of a “family feud”.

? Remember those bunga bunga parties?  “Berlusconi associates guilty of procuring prostitutes”.

International Finance

? “G20 report warns of global tax chaos: International tax system cannot deal with mobile multinational firms that shift profits to low-tax countries.”

? “‘Is there no limit to what this Government will privatise?’:  UK plasma supplier sold to US private equity firm Bain Capital:  Sell-off puts blood supply at risk”.

? Oh, noooos.  “Judge denies BP request to halt payments while probe of oil spill claims office is underway.”

? “China frees banks to set their own lending rates.” Uh-huh.

Money Matters USA

? “Judge says Detroit bankruptcy filing was unconstitutional, must be withdrawn.”

? Just imagine all the salivating by investors at the prospect of picking up masterpieces from the sale of Detroit’s publicly-owned and prized art collection.

? DDay:  “Elizabeth Warren’s new fight: Why even the Tea Party backs it!  Banks that try to take private losses and pin them on taxpayers may have a new problem.  Here’s what you should know.”

? Occupy Homes in Minneapolis just rescued a family from eviction after they were “illegally dual tracked by JPMorgan Chase Bank”, and reclaimed another home nearby.

? Unemployment in Nevada was 9.6% in June; 10.1% in Las Vegas (7.6% nation-wide).

? While much of the print media is scrambling, “Fashion magazines swell to prodigious sizes in September . . . packed with hundreds of pages of ads”. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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