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Bradley Manning’s Trial: Government, Defense Put on Rebuttal Cases (Updates)

MSGT Adkins on the stand.


5:10 PM EST Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Thursday. Judge Lind will rule on the motions to dismiss certain charges before closing. Both sides have rested their cases.

4:59 PM EST Non-trial news from Geneva: Bradley Manning has just been awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize by the International Peace Bureau.

4:20 PM EST The defense rested its case again. The government is now deciding whether it will rebut anything the defense presented.

3:45 PM EST MSGT Paul Adkins testifying on whether Manning had made “disloyal” remarks, and said he could not remember Showman coming to him to ask for him to take action in response to said “disloyal” remarks.

3:30 PM EST For the defense’s surrebuttal, the first witness called was Warrant Officer One (WO1) Kyle Balonek to refute Showman’s characterization of Manning as “anti-American and disloyal”.

1:30 PM EST Both of yesterday’s court transcripts are now in Firedoglake’s document collection. If you wish to review any of Thursday’s proceedings, you can follow the links here for either the morning session or the afternoon session.

12:40 PM EST Jihrleah Showman didn’t believe that she made negative comments about Bradley Manning in her interview for the “We Steal Secrets” documentary. Nor did she believe that comments about whistleblowers having no allegiance to their country for “We Steal Secrets” were about Manning.

12:20 PM EST Before the lunch recess, the defense argued that it is too late to change the charge sheet, and moves for a mistrial of the specific charges.

10:58 AM EST Jihrleah Showman, star of “We Steal Secrets” documentary, says she told MSGT Adkins that Bradley Manning was a spy before his deployment. Why did Showman think Manning was spy? “Anyone who is kind of questionable…I feel they should be treated (that way), as their actions are questionable.”

10:53 AM EST Showman alleges that Manning said “the flag meant nothing to him and he did not consider himself to have an allegiance to this country or any people.” She also alleges that he made a disloyal statement before he deployed. However, Showman never put this alleged statement from Manning indicating his “disloyalty” down in writing. Coombs asked Showman if Manning was actually saying no one should have blind allegiance to the American flag.

10:30 AM EST  Today the prosecution continues with its rebuttal with Jihrleah Showman on the stand. Showman was Manning’s former supervisor and will be on the stand to make statements about Manning’s loyalty to America. A clip of Showman from the “We Steal Secrets” documentary will be shown in court after the prosecutors review it.

Defense attorney Coombs is going to play the clip because Showman disputes saying that she was the last person Manning should have messed with. Manning filed an equal opportunity against Showman for her usage of derogatory terms, calling him ‘fagotty’ for not being able to do push ups.

Illustration by Clark Stoeckley. Used with permission.

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Kevin Gosztola

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