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Opposition leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, 65, of Bangladesh, was condemned to death by a tribunal the UN does not recognize.  His crimes were described as the killing of intellectuals, torture and abduction

Supporters of Mojaheed, the secretary-general of Jamaat-e-Islami, clashed with security forces in different parts of Bangladesh, after he was found guilty by the International Crimes Tribunal of five of the seven charges.

Prosecutors have described him as an architect of the killings of intellectuals by fighters at the end of the war. The charges include the abduction and disappearance of a top journalist and the murder of a leading music director.

His sentence has been called the work of the Prime Minister, who appointed the tribunal, and a political maneuver in the face of upcoming elections.

Arms found on board a North Korean ship crossing through the Panama Canal from Cuba were held in Panama and the UN consulted on the violation of Canal regulations.

Panama says it has asked UN experts to inspect Cuban weapons found on board a seized North Korean ship in the Panama canal.

The crew of the vessel is to be charged with crimes against Panama’s internal security, officials there said.

The ship was seized by Panama last week after “undeclared military cargo” was found hidden in a shipment of sugar.

United Nations (UN) sanctions prohibit the supply of arms to North Korea in the dispute over its nuclear programme.

Cuba earlier admitted being behind the stash of weapons found on board the ship. It said they were obsolete Soviet-era arms from Cuba headed for repair in North Korea.

The deaths of at least 22 children after eating lunch at school in Masrakh, Bihar, India, underscored the miscarriage of the good intentions that the lunch program shares in.  Doctors fought to save the lives of 25 now hospitalized from effects of pesticides in their food.

The Mid Day Meal Scheme was introduced to ensure that a hot cooked lunch would be provided to government supported schools. The meal was meant to contain at least 300 calories per child, with 8-10g of protein. The policy was welcomed as it would mean that the children, many of who come from the most vulnerable sections of society, might attend school because of it and also receive some much-needed nutrition. It is estimated that approximately 100 million schoolchildren are fed through the scheme. But unfortunately, the leakages and corruption in the system are said to be equally as large.

Next month a nationwide program is scheduled to begin providing 60% of the nation with meals that now appear to be untrustworthy in problems of actualization of food programs.


Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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