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California study shows DEA classification of cannabis as schedule 1 unfounded, medicinal value proven


From the any idiot could see that coming files. The misclassification of cannabis as schedule 1 drug ie: of no medicinal value has no scientific basis.

Although wasting billions of taxpayers money to insist that this plant that is ingested by many in the animal world, carnivores and herbivores alike, is a dangerous drug. The DEA is shown again their war on pot is nothing more than an excuse to persecute marginalized minorities and feed human lives to the prison industrial complex.

University of California study has shown that even the low grade barely stronger than hemp cannabis the Feds let them study still provided medicinal properties.

A recent study of medical marijuana sponsored by the feds and conducted at the University of California Center for medical cannabis, was originally designed to disprove that cannabis had any medicinal value. However, quite to the contrary, the CMCR discovered that medicinal marijuana indeed has a legitimate medical application. From relieving chronic pain to helping AIDS / HIV wasting syndrome, marijuana’s active cannabinoids were found to be of sufficient value to warrant the reclassification of the cannabis plant. Primarily as a means of facilitating greater research, understanding of the active compounds in cannabis. The July 2013 study was recently published in the Open Neurology Journal.

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