International Developments

? “An Afghan interpreter for U.S. special forces arrested on accusations of torturing and killing civilians has denied involvement in the murders to Afghan investigators, and said he was always acting on orders from his U.S. military handlers.”

? “President Obama’s catastrophically bad idea of arming Syria’s rebels is exploding in his face . . .. The rebels are battling each other . . . President Basha al-Assad is chortling . .. Congress . . . is fighting back. And now the CIA” is warning Hezbollah about Syrian rebel attacks in Lebanon.

? Weird story of a North Korean ship “carrying undeclared military cargo from Cuba” being stopped in Panama. Video here.

International Finance

? “Greeks take to streets again amid general strike over job cut plans: Demonstrators fill Syntagma Square in Athens ahead of parliamentary vote on measures demanded by Troika.” Unemployment’s at 27% and they want to cut more jobs?

Money Matters USA

? The US Department of Justice and Gallup Organization have “settled a false claims case” with Gallup paying $10.5million. “Gallup allegedly inflated estimates of labor hours required for market contracts with the U.S. Mint and U.S. Passport Agency”. But do they still have a contract?

In Hot Pursuit

? Edward Snowden “has applied for temporary asylum in Russia, telling immigration officials that he fears for his life”. Some interesting quotes from Putin and others.

Surveillance Planet

? Former World Bank economist Charles Kenny: “The Case for Abolishing the DHS; The Department of Homeland Security is a monument to paranoia, waste, and inefficiency. It’s time to get rid of it.”

? “Spain’s ambassador in La Paz has delivered a letter to the Bolivian foreign ministry apologising for the aerial incident that forced Evo Morales to make an unscheduled stop in Vienna.” He “reiterated that his government never denied Morales’ plane permission to fly over Spanish airspace”, however. [cont’d]

Photo by Chickens in the Trees released under Creative Commons License

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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