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Drone crash in Florida closes highway

Tyndall, Florida

The drone crashed upon takeoff and subsequently started a ground fire. The highway is closed because although unarmed, the drone carries a self destruct explosive device that the base is now waiting for the battery to run out on before sending first responders to clear the scene.

base and local police and safety officials have closed Highway 98 and are anticipating that it will remain closed for up to 24 hours, the news release states.

“This closure is being done strictly as a precautionary measure due to fires resulting from the crash and a small self-destruct charge carried on board the drone,” the news release states. “The status of this device is unknown however, it is powered by a short-life battery which will be fully depleted in 24 hours.”

The charge is used to destroy the drone if it leaves its pre-approved flight plan, officials added.

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