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Why Should the Trayvon Martin Case Matter To You?

The case of Trayvon Martin should matter to anyone who cares about gun violence and a civil society. In a civil society, vigilantism is a menace to the overall peace of a society,  however this recent ruling  confirms that we are moving in the opposite of a civil society.  In a civil society there are a minimum of certain duties a citizen is required to perform in order to maintain a peaceful society. Zimmerman has a duty not to put himself or others in needless danger. He cannot have a wanton disregard for the safety of himself and general public. It is why we have laws against drunk driving. That is why cops can put you in jail at a DUI checkpoint. Zimmerman was drunk off his Sheriff of the Hood power. Yet, the state Florida sees fit to give this person the very thing he acted wantonly and recklessly with.  DUI defendants at the very least must attend some courses to help with their behaviors and earn their right to drive again.  People like Zimmerman who feel the need to carry a loaded gun on their person and conceal it, live in fear. The fear is that people will realize what true cowards they really are. Vigilantism spreads that fear and the outcomes of that fear onto everyone else where everyone will have to wear bulletproof vest on the subway on their morning commute just to be safe.

The case of Trayvon Martin should matter to anyone with minor children. Trayvon Martin was boy of 17 years of age and no matter how much the defense attorneys and others try to paint this minor as some scary “other” he was in the end just a boy gunned down by an adult male.  An adult male who should have acted as an adult instead of getting into a physical confrontation with a minor.  A minor who was racially profiled as he came into Zimmerman’s purview. What if Trayvon was a white 17 year old female and Zimmerman took the same actions? Hell now all types of doubt starts entering people’s mind about Zimmerman’s intentions for getting out of his vehicle and following someone in the rain. Do we really want to live in a society where anyone with a gun can accost you or your child, gun you down then claim self defense in the fight they started, just because they didn’t like the way you looked. Fights can happen when possible victims are trying to save themselves.

The case of Trayvon Martin should matter to anyone who cares about and wants a better human society. Many of us who are born into the American Empire are oblivious to the outright injustices and atrocities that are committed to the peoples of the world, some of us don’t get that luxury. Because some are born into the American Empire not the right color or gender and have had to live under those injustices ,atrocities and inequities. After some time, the pattern of injustice becomes quite clear. Those who disdain injustice must abhor it at every instance, from supposed legal killings by drone to supposed legal killing by neighborhood watch.  If some one abhors injustice, they will not be able to rationalize away clearly stupid and evil  acts either from a president or wanna be  “crime fighter.”  Without a doubt, the American justice system is clearly biased against the poor and minorities, in particular African Americans.  If this was not true, why would privileged America be in such fear of race riots when high profile cases such as this magnify the inequities  and outright hypocrisy of the American judicial system and the overall empire in general. As much as Americans try to break their arms while patting themselves on the back for having the first bi-racial puppet president, this recent ruling confirms how much we as a people  have not really moved on. The only way to combat racism and ignorance is through the rule of law. There is a reason why people chant “No Justice, No Peace” Know Justice, Know Peace”

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