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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

The Glass Squid


High level of Cesium found in fish over 100km from Fukushima. It’s spreading, and Fukushima is making more.

Here at Hanford, they moved a total of 15 MILLION tons of soil and debris from near the Columbia river on the site to a slightly less risky spot on the site. Whatcha doin’? Diggin’ a hole. Watchaya gonna put in it? Dirt from this other hole.

Meanwhile, the Russians are building floating nuclear power plants. The first one will launch in 2016. They remind us of a perfect 50 year safety record for nuclear powered vessels.   *cough* Kursk *cough*

We could get some energy from kites instead. The higher up you go, the more consistent the winds. 25 m sq would power 40 homes and I could launch one of those from my roof. Hmmmm.

Neat and fairly simple way of reducing pollution: Paint the sidewalk with Titanium Dioxide and reduce nitrogen Oxide.

Graphene could make internet communications 100x faster by speeding up switching speeds.

As Antarctic ice that used to be permanent melts, life moves quickly to take advantage.

The hobbit may be a distinct species of Homo. Research on this is still ongoing, with the most commonly accepts theory being that the hobbit was an iodine deficient erectus.

More evidence that fracking causes earthquakes. However, the case can be made that the impact from fracking and burning that gas is less than mining coal and burning that.

Climate change is happening too fast for species to adapt. I would add shallow water sea species to that list.

Naked mole rat’s may be ugly, but they don’t get cancer.

We’re still trying to duplicate a Stradivarius.

Meet the Glass squid!

Boxturtle (Finally got my grass cut! Wahoo!)



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