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Pizza Delivery in Japan

Pizza delivery — feeding hungry cancer patients & activists everywhere.

A wet day in Austin — the rain is badly needed here in a drought-ridden state, and more is due as the week goes on. I’ll still be marching tonight with the “Feminist Army” as we once again take the streets for abortion rights. There are marches and rallies planned in over twenty cities today in solidarity with Texas women and all the other states where these rights are under attack. Keep an eye on my Twitter, unless it’s raining too much for me to tweet!

Today’s musical selection is Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition with “I Wanna Be Your Satellite.”

A pizza party for kids with cancer? Good news indeed. Via The Daily Dot:

After waiting nearly a week for her white blood cell count to rise so she could continue her cancer treatments, 2-year-old Hazel ‘Hazelnut’ Hammersley got bored and hungry. With the help of her parents and the staff at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Hazel taped up a sign from her fourth-floor window, asking for some pizza to be sent to her room. …

One by one, pizza boxes started piling up in Hazel’s room thanks to a Reddit user who spotted Hazel’s sign while walking out of a grocery store. … From there, it reached the front page.

The response was so overwhelming the hospital put out a statement kindly asking for the pizza deliveries to stop.

‘On behalf of the Hammersley family, thank you for spreading the word and we hope the photo of Hazel with a successful pizza delivery received spreads just as far and fast as the original photo has,’ the hospital stated.


Craving pizza or another comfort food? What’s on your mind tonight? It’s an open conversation in the comments.


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Photo by sanbeiji released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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