Mayor of Sexytown Is Too Sexy for His Town

Oh, San Diego…

With your sun-kissed beaches, warm balmy nights and acres of tender and tanned young flesh just aching to be tapped, it is no wonder that, upon returning home, former Congressman turned Mayor Bob Filner has gone native and wants to sex up every lady he encounters:

Calling Mayor Bob Filner “tragically unsafe for any woman to approach,” former Councilwoman Donna Frye on Monday renewed her call for his resignation while sharing explicit details about encounters that women had with the mayor.

Frye read from statements from two unnamed women, including one who was a campaign volunteer who said that Filner had kissed her on a public sidewalk, “jamming his tongue down her throat” and later groped her under her bra when she drove him back to his office.

Frye was joined at a news conference by attorney Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs, who also have called for the mayor to step down because they had firsthand accounts that he sexually harassed women. Gonzalez said a client spent six months working in the mayor’s office and complained “he grabbed her ass and touched her chest.”

“There is no circumstance by which it would be appropriate for the mayor to enter into an elevator with my client or any person who he employs and to tell them that they would do a better job on that floor if they worked without their panties on,” Gonzalez said.

“In his office, there are women who call him a dirty old man and push him away, but this is their job. He is their boss,” Gonzalez said. He said the security detail in Filner’s office and others in his office will corroborate the allegations.

So what other smooth moves does Bob put on the ladies? Here… take notes:

Gonzalez described “the Filner headlock” in which the mayor would put his arm around a woman’s neck to pull her aside to tell her he wanted to speak with her alone and “the Filner dance” which he said women would do to try to avoid being kissed by the mayor.

I should point out that Filner, who just elected mayor last November, was already on pretty thin ice with San Diegans even before we discovered that he is a big fan of touch-the-tit. Since  beating Republican/libertarian/teabagger face-made-for-punching challenger Carl DeMaio (on the 1 to 10 Eric Cantor Scale of Loathsomeness, with Cantor being an 11, DeMaio is about an 8) Filner has gone out of his way to alienate almost everyone in San Diego, including the city attorneys office (not that the be-touped City Attorney isn’t a dick in his own right), engaged in some shady dealings, took an unexplained trip to Paris and was obnoxious about it, and, oh yes, made his former fiance turn on him in a very public way:

The ex-fiancee of beleaguered San Diego Mayor Bob Filner says she ended her relationship with him because he became increasingly abusive toward her and began sending sexually explicit text messages to other women in her presence

In a statement Sunday, Bronwyn Ingram told KPBS and inewsource she believes recent serious controversies, including the onslaught of sexual harassment allegations, have paralyzed the mayor’s office and Filner should step down.

Ingram said she witnessed what she called a “severe deterioration in Bob’s ability to engage with anyone in a civil manner, myself included.” During a recent trip to Paris, she said, Filner screamed at her in public without provocation, among other “inappropriate and disrespectful acts.”

In the statement, Ingram went on to say that she made the “gut-wrenching decision” to break up with Filner after she said he recently started text messaging other women sexually explicit messages and set up dates in front of her.

She said, “given the circumstances, I obviously had no other choice.”

I attended a charity breakfast on Martin Luther King Day this past January where Filner spoke (Filner was one of the Freedom Riders) and after briefly recounting his Freedom Rider story, he launched into what, for the occasion, was a highly inappropriate speech attacking all of his enemies on the right (specifically SD UT Publisher “Papa” Doug Manchester – a 9+ on the Cantor scale) that had people wondering if he wasn’t aware that the campaign had been over for two months. I mentioned to a friend who was with me that Filner was talking like a guy who knew this was his last rodeo and had no intention of ever running again and didn’t give a shit what anyone thought. Unfortunately, because Filner is a strong supporter of public employee unions, minority neighborhoods and rebuilding the city infrastructure, this has come back to bite him in the ass (and not if the fun way) and now his image is nothing less than that of a bully and a dick and now a perv.

So, yeah, Filner is toast (whether he knows it or not) and will join a list of really awful San Diego mayors who have resigned, see also too, or should have resigned. The good news is that he can always move to NYC where being a dick and flashing your dick is a feature and not a bug…

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