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So Angry At Zimmerman

I was so damn angry last night I had trouble falling asleep.  It’s no better this morning and afternoon.  I use the name Zimmerman but believe me it’s more than just little pudgy Georgie who has me more upset than I have ever been in years.  I’m really quite astonished that I am reacting quite so strongly.  I really hadn’t anticipated a conviction anyway.  That Angela Corey , the Tea Party darling who came out grinning like the ‘grinch'(quite literally)because her team lost their case.Are you kidding me. What’s up with that?  And her awesome team of prosecutors who all 3 combined looked to be on their very first state case.  I just wish she and her minions had told governor Scott that they really could not prosecute Zimmerman because they really believed that young black males are fair game here in the great state of Florida.

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