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Did Martin act out of anti-gay animus?

When Trayvon Martin punched George Zimmerman in the nose — and probably on his head — and banged his head on the pavement, was he motivated by anti-gay animus?
“Here is a sampling of the questioning from the defense yesterday:

ATTORNEY: Trayvon Martin saying creepy ass cracker and using the N word, that people like ? people speak like that in your culture. Did you hear that?

JEANTEL: Yes, sir.

ATTORNEY: Well, what culture is that, where people describe other people as creepy ass crackers?

JEANTEL: Pervert.

ATTORNEY: I’m sorry? Do you understand what I mean by the culture, the culture that you were raised in, the culture that ?

JEANTEL: The area I was raised, you’re saying to say?

ATTORNEY: Right. I’ll say it this way: The people that you live around and with call white people creepy ass crackers?

JEANTEL: Not creepy but cracker, yeah.

ATTORNEY: So the creepy is the pervert part that you were talking about?


Jeantel, the prosecution’s star witness, was on the phone with Martin in the moments leading up to Martin’s fatal confrontation with Zimmerman. Jeantel’s response to defense attorney Don West about how she interpreted Martin’s “creepy ass cracker” comment was, “Pervert.” She later corrects herself, but that was her initial response.

It’s fairly well known that black folk dislike gay folk pretty virulently as a group. Given Martin’s comments and Jeantel’s interpretation of those comments, it’s not a stretch to think that Martin’s attack on Zimmerman was motivated by anti-gay sentiment. He could have been walking along, spotted Zimmerman, and imagined Zimmerman being gay and wanting a sexual contact with him. It could explain his derogatory comments, which Jeantel interpreted as “pervert.”

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