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Best images in the aftermath of horrible Trayvon Martin verdict.

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I just have some initial thoughts about the tragic yet entirely predictable outcome in the Trayvon Martin case.


trayvon blame“>


One, it seems that the prosecution’s heart just wasn’t in it. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the case and it showed. Two, even if it had been filmed or if there were more witnesses there’s a very good chance that you would have gotten that same verdict. There have been those cases as well, although I’m thinking of Oscar Grant where his death was pretty much filmed and that cop served a whopping one year sentence. Three, even if Trayvon Martin had lived and could have presented his own version there’s no evidence that would have changed the verdict either. Just take a look at the local Jordan Miles verdict where Miles was beaten to an inch of his life and we couldn’t get a conviction against the cops. Four, it has become clear to me that black men are Marked for Death in this society. It’s clear that we’re being groomed for the prison industrial complex at best and just routinely murdered at worst.


billie holiday

I’m really not sure what can be done about any of these things. I guess more decent paying jobs for everyone would help. Perhaps more black men need to carry guns so that  predators will at least know they’ll be in a fight. But when I reverse the situation in my head — where Trayvon Martin shoots Zimmerman —  every time Trayvon Martin gets convicted and for a long time.

I was looking through my Facebook feed and found a number of helpful illustrations and images that explain these problems. These images made me feel a little better for some reason. So enjoy the slideshow. Related: The story about the arrest of Dennis Henderson, for, as best as I can tell, being “uppity” tells the problem from a Pittsburgh angle here and here. Somewhat Related: My struggle against Peter Gidas of Gidas Flowers and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) continues. And justifiably so.




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