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If someone is being stalked, who is the perpetrator, and who the victim? If the stalker is the victim, then George Z. is innocent, and the precedent set at his trial makes one thing clear: if someone is after you, RUN! Don’t stand your ground, because your pursuer might have a gun, and dead men (you) make bad witnesses in the trials of their murderers.

If the person being stalked is the victim, and she confronts her pursuer, she is standing her ground. If she happens to clean her tormentor’s clock, well that’s too bad for him, he shouldn’t stalk people if he can’t take care of himself – unless he has a gun and manages to eliminate the primary witness against him… uh, isn’t that evidence tampering? In addition to murder, of course. Either way, bad precedent. “I’m sorry someone had to die, but I was sooooo scared” is all you need to say and you can pretty much shoot anyone you want. That Trayvon Martin might have been scared, being shadowed by a large guy in the dead of night, well that doesn’t count because the Stand Your Ground law only applies if you’re packin’ heat. And if he had packed heat, he’d already be on Death Row. “Black Assailant Murders Neighborhood Watch Volunteer,” the headlines would proclaim. American Justice is the best in the world.

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