This is the first of a multi-part series in response to the all-guns-blazing attack on women taking place across the south and middle of America. 

Part I

Note: The powerful white men in America who control the Christian fundamentalists are very similar in the ideology and misogyny toward women as that of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, they will be cross referenced with the term the American Taliban. Those women (and their female children) who are owned and controlled as chattel by the Christian fundamentalist Taliban males are part of the Taliban tribe, unless or until they escape and/or choose to be rescued. While the United States of America has, since its inception, been largely influenced by Christian ‘fathers’, the Taliban are a newly expanded breed who renounce science, insist on a literalist interpretation of the Bible, and are working desperately to make (their) god’s law the law of the land.

Since the first settlers landed on the shores of America there has been a group of wealthy elite males who have taken over the social order: they were the adventuring sons of the landed gentry in England seeking wealth and land in the new territory through whatever brutal and barbaric means at their disposal. Their descendants are the old, white and wealthy ruling class of today: they own the banks—even the Federal Reserve—the hedge funds, the mineral rights throughout the land, and own and control the nation’s most prestigious universities. They own the weapons manufacturers, the ‘business of war’ DOD contractors and the CIA and NSA intelligence contractors. They own our government including the Supreme Court. Their dominion is national and it is global. They own influential think tanks, the media, direct the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, belong to exclusive clubs, some secretive, such as Skull and Bones. Though not all, many of them were, as are their descendants, Calvinist Christians.

The newly expanded American Taliban has its own wealthy elite. Their fortunes have not been derived from ownership and extraction of the earth’s resources and usury earned by lending practices and economic manipulation and control, at least not on the scale of the wealthy-born white male rulers. Rather their wealth is gained through psychological exploitation of the poor.

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Janet Wise

Janet Wise