NRO website editor, professional supraorbital ridge model, and guy who substitutes *’s for u’s instead of dotting his i’s with little hearts, Dan Foster, is very very angry that people are not celebrating George Zimmerman’s good clean state-sanctioned kill of a black teenager who obviously had it coming for being a black teenager, and Foster is not going to put up with you motherf*cking bleeding f*cking heart motherf*ckers and your f*cking expressions of f*cked-up sympathy:

What? You want a piece of Dan Foster too, you f*cking f*ck? Well, f*ck you too. No, you’re the f*cking v*lgarian:

Later in the evening, Dan calmed down and started using “freaking”

That’s fucking better.

Also:  shit, damn, hell and nipple…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....