As you watch, read, or listen to the coming reactions to the Zimmerman trial please take the time to be awake and aware of the underlying psychology you are witnessing.     Look behind the media and the personalities.  Look behind your own self identification (race, religion, beliefs) and emotions to the underlying reasons for your emotions and your beliefs about the event.

The path to truth is understanding the self.  Without the knowledge of  ourselves we are  prey for manipulation.  We are being played.   We have been systematically deindividualized.

From Wikipedia

Deindividuation is a concept in social psychology that is generally thought of as the losing of self-awareness.

Theories of deindividuation propose that it is a psychological state of decreased self-evaluation and decreased evaluation apprehension causing antinormative and disinhibited behavior.[3] Deindividuation theory seeks to provide an explanation for a variety of antinormative collective behavior, such as violent crowdslynch mobs, etc.[4] Deindividuation theory has also been applied to genocide [5] and been posited as an explanation for antinormative behavior online and in computer-mediated communications.[6]