Good morning, everyone! Did you all survive the weekend OK?

I was thinking of what news I should be bringing you, but my internet’s been poky and reading emails a chore, so instead of wasting time trying to get Yahoo to load my mail (note to anyone who’s sent me mail in the past 48 hours: now you know why I haven’t responded), I decided it was time to take a Fluffy White Couch Dog break.

For those new to the FWCD scene, their names are Penny and Petey and they belong to the parents of a friend of mine. Penny has the longer snout; Petey has the coal-black buttons for eyes. In this picture, he’s the one whose ears are back against his head.

FWCDs make everything better. So long as they don’t jump on you and lick you to death. Woof!

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman