While the GOP and some Democrats too, try incessantly to snuff out reproductive rights, in Ireland where such rights have not existed there is some hope.

Despite threats of excommunication from cardinals and bishops, a privately devout Catholic prime minister is on the verge of introducing limited abortion into Ireland for the first time in the Republic’s existence.Enda Kenny and his coalition government are on course to push through the Protection of Life in Pregnancy bill [PDF] on Thursday evening, to allow for abortions when a woman’s life is under threat if her pregnancy continues or if she is suicidal.

Of course, given recent events being threatened by the sanctity of the Irish Catholic Clergy is not exactly a threat with a high moral tone.

But for every step forward…

An Irish MP from the ruling Fine Gael party has apologised for pulling a female colleague on to his lap during the marathon debate on introducing limited abortion into the country.

UPDATE: The law passed overwhelmingly. It is not exactly a broad law, but it is a start.



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