There’s a Riot Going on After Naptime

Dead Breitbart “I Cover The Negrofront” reporter Lee Stranahan is down in Florida waiting for The Great Trayvon Martin No Justice/No Peace Conflagration & Racewar to begin and Lee is booking hazardous duty pay by documenting the pre-atrocities for future historians in the God Fearin’ Gun Totin’ White Folks’s Republic Of North Colorado to use when explaining why the Act Uppity, Go To Jail laws are essential to maintaining the (Warning: unmedicated Godlestein paranoia link) Natural Order of Man.


When these two kids are old enough to start playing with matches, it’s going to be that “fire next time” as foretold in The Book of Turner. At least, that’s what Glenn Reynolds, Tucker Carlson, and the Fox & Friends All Stars are hoping for in order to satisfy their latent Jim Crow cravings…

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