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The People’s View: “President Obama Does Not Run Illegal Operations From The White House”

President Obama does not run illegal operations from the White House or mislead the American public about matters of grave importance in national security, says Spandan Chakrabarti at the People’s View. And President Obama did not “scramble jets” to shoot Edward Snowden out of the sky. And the President did give bags of cash, to the leader of Afghanistan, but that was legal. There are secret wars and secret bags of cash. But they are legal and the war profits are legal. Edward Snowden threatens those war profits.

Anything the warmongers do is legal. Anything the leftists do is emoprogressive and un-American. And Dan Ellsberg is un-American. Again. Spandan says so. “Daniel Ellsberg’s Devastating Downfall: A Trifecta of Shilling, Conspiracy Theories, and Lies”.

Ellsberg was un-American forty years ago, to the war profiteers of those days. Mr. Chakrabarti has not earned the right to either praise or criticize Dan Ellsberg. But Spandan criminalizes Dan Ellsberg activism against NSA-Dragnet.

Last week, I highlighted the connections between Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a front-group that was conveniently set up by Greenwald and his cohort Laura Poitras (who interviewed Edward Snowden on camera) just a month before Snowden began contacting Poitras and Snowden. Greenwald and Poitras are both board members of this front group, as is Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame.

We could talk about the “Front Groups”, Blackwater, DynCorp, Stratfor, SAIC, EG&G, and of course Booz Hamilton. These and other Front Groups are used by NSA and CIA to suppress anti-war and Occupy activists. There are Front Groups, in Washingon DC, set up by Exxon and the Koch Brothers, and other billionaires. We could talk about the “Front Groups” used by General Petraeus in Iraq and Afghanistan, Wolf Brigades, to terrorize the people there.

But Glenn Greewald has a Front Group, which supports Freedom of the Press. Spandan wants Greenwald put into prison. And he labels Dan Ellsberg as anti-American.

Ellsberg penned an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday defending Snowden’s flight from justice, canonizing Snowden and dutifully serving up accolades to Greenwald and his employer (The Guardian), without once mentioning that he has at least a professional connection to Glenn Greenwald that could serve as a potential conflict of interest: Ellsberg sits on the Board of this front group with Glenn Greenwald.

Wow, Spandan writes a sixty-two word sentence about Ellsberg. A long war against the American people, requires long sentences. Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. They both oppose dictatorship and support freedom.

Shall we mention a few other CONFLICTS OF INTEREST? Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke and Wall Street and Banksters. Eric Holder has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST due to the criminal mortgage fraud of MERS, which he helped set up. President Obama has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST when he appoints Ambassadors, who give a million dollars to his campaign. Then there is the Pentagon Gravy Train CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, outsourcing wars and spying against the American people, to highly paid “retired” members of the Military Espionage Complex.

To the People’s View, there are no wars. It is all puppies and balloons except for the leftists who need to be suppressed. There is no government torture or assassinations. There is no indefinite detention. It is all outsourced so it does not exist. The critics of these illegal operations, the wars, torture and assassinations, controlled from the White House, must be punished. That is why patriotic citizens who reveal these crimes are punished. The Pentagon Papers exposed the lies about the imperialist war in Viet-Nam. Snowden did the same thing, NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

The Pentagon Papers were released to expose the lies the government had been telling the American people in prosecuting a war. Snowden’s “revelations” have exposed nothing of the sort, because there isn’t currently a war the government is fighting based on lies.

The Government has no wars based on lies! Actually all wars are based on lies. Lots of laughs, at least from those who have been attacked by Drones. Seriously, Bags of Cash to our puppets is not just lies, it is fraud and corruption on both sides. All the wars involving the US Secret Government and not-so-secret government, are lies, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran and Lebanon.

The first revelations of NSA-Dragnet were the threats against Associated Press by the “Intelligence Authorities”. AP revealed there was a second “Underwear Bomber”. This double agent was going to attack another airliner. The first Underwear Bomber nearly destroyed an Flight #253 over Detroit. He was allowed through security even though the Intelligence Authorities knew he was a terrorist.

With the second False Flag Operation, the Intelligence Authorities again planned terror by “Al Qaeda” to frighten us and make us obey. AP is being punished for revealing this US Government terrorism. Either the second bomber would be successful and destroy an airliner. Or the plot would be thwarted and President Obama and the Spymasters would take credit.

The Big Lie was exposed by AP, and it is proof the Secret Government has created the phony war on terror. The US Government uses lies in its war against AP and the American people.

Dan Ellsberg says solitary confinement is torture. Spandan says no, solitary confinement is not torture. Who are you going to believe? War Pimp Spandan C does not think Bradley Manning was tortured. But Spandan is such a war pimp that he must enjoy the idea a little bit. Spandan has ignored the torture of the last twelve years.

They may be further interested in knowing that the UN Convention Against Torture nowhere even mentions solitary confinement as a form of cruel or inhuman treatment, let alone torture. But really, Mr. Ellsberg, do facts really count that much when you are trying to spread propaganda for a cause celeb of a front group?

Ellsberg also refers to his possible assassination by the Nixon White House to “incapacitate me totally”. Ellsberg claims the Government has legalized incapacitation of critics. Spandan does not know what law allows incapacitation. It is called the “Patriot Act”, but it is a law of Treason.

Just what law is it that Ellsberg is claiming permits the government to “incapacitate” a criminal defendant legally? Please, do enlighten us – or is it just the newest conspiracy theory radical anti-government folks are supposed to run with?

Yes, it is a conspiracy to incapacitate “criminals” who reveal the crimes of the Secret Government. Here are some victims incapacitated, by the Secret Government Pat Tillman, Bradley Manning, Susan Lindauer, Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz, Barrett Brown, Gary McKinnon, Thomas Drake and many more. NSA also incapacitated “Occupy”. It is all about the wars. Keep the war crimes and corruption hidden. Spandan is helping.

President Obama does not run illegal operations from the White House or mislead the American public about matters of grave importance in national security, as the Republicans have found out in their multiple attempts to persecute the President for the attack in Benghazi.

No illegal operations in this White House. There is Manning’s torture, and Assassination by Drones and other means, concealing the truth about Bin Laden and the Bin Laden raid, and the latest Obama war is in Syria, unless it is in Iran.

Actually, the President has misled people about Benghazi. The “Talking Points” for Susan Rice were lies approved by the White House. General Petraeus wrote the talking points, with the help of Darth Cheney assistant, Vickie Nuland. There was the CIA prison at Benghazi, and weapons cache and a few other details, which remain secret.

Daniel Ellsberg used to be a respected figure and an authority on the government’s potential abuses. But it is clear that after this, he should no longer be. He is now merely a shill for Glenn Greenwald, Wikileaks and their radical anti-American agenda. He is now a man flat-out lying about the US government and extolling a traitor that has not only leaked classified information but may well have given our classified information to our economic and military adversaries. This is one stunning fall from grace.

Dan Ellsberg was and is respected. Edward Snowden may be a renegade, but everything he has said seems to be true. It is not anti-American to reveal the crimes of a corrupt Empire.

The People’s View site should be called People’s Sycophants, or the President’s Sycophants. Anything the President does is the best thing ever. Any critics are anti-American and should be punished by the Government. The illegal operations run from the White House must remain secret. We saw this same attitude with the previous warmonger President, Chimpie Bush.

Spandan says trust the NSA. The NSA does not incapaciate political dissent and neutralize anti-war people. The NSA and Intelligence Authorities do not lie, except for General Clapper and General Alexander and General Petraeus, and the rest of the Spymaster Generals. General Clapper lied about weapons of mass destruction in Irak, to start a war with Irak. He lied about NSA-Dragnet. General Alexander lied about the dozens of terrorist plots supposedly thwarted by NSA-Dragnet. And General Petraeus lied about everything. All the Spymaster Generals spread lies twelve years ago, to get the US into a war. They, the rotten bloody Generals, are now try to get us into a war with Syria or Iran or anywhere.

The last twelve years has been an illegal and repressive regime by neo-con criminals. President Obama declared Bradley Manning guilty of breaking the law. At the same time the President admitted he is not the true Commander-in-Chief of the USA. He is told by the Secret Government what to say and do. Who is the supreme authority above the President? The NSA?

And I have to abide by certain rules of classified information. If I were to release material I weren’t allowed to, I’d be breaking the law.

What law would the President be violating? The Patriot Act?

Some of the comments to Spandan’s Post, are obviously written by fucking retarded fascists. One shout out deserves another. And they have a few special targets, for their kinetic war pimping.

Hamsher lost credibility with me when she, the moment President Obama was inaugurated, began writing scathing “you better do this or that!” blogposts on HP. That’s when I got so disgusted by her that I refused to read anything she wrote again – and that was back in 2009.

Jane Hamsher’s rant about Obama supporters being “the dumbest motherfuckers in the world” made sense if you looked at what FDL PAC was taking in (not much) and what OFA was (a lot). In other words, she was upset that people weren’t sending money to *her*.

It is depressing. Daniel was a hero of mine and my rebellious friends back in the day. Now he’s just another Meteor Blades.

Why Ellsberg is throwing his lot in with the likes of Asange and Greenwald reminds one of why Marshal Petain threw his lot in with the Germans in WWII.

Über Lefties cozying up to despots and dictators goes back to the days of Paul Robenson getting chummy with Stalin.

Then Spandan pulls an NSA and deletes a comment. This is not a debate. No emoprog whining allowed.

This comment was deleted

Spandan Mod Anand • 13 hours ago

No, no. I didn’t mean for this to be a debate. You asked a question, I answered it. The rest of it is your emo prog whining. Bye now.

Those that disagree with Spandan must have secret motives. No one can sincerely criticize National Security policy or the President. Obey and be silent or you will be silenced!

The level of discussion for Spandan has been reduced to “emoprog whining”. But attacks, calling dissent anti-American, need to be counterattacked. It is confusing. Does Spandan think all emoprogs are anti-American? His amateurish slander of FDL, is still slander.

Dan Ellsberg does it again. He does the the most courageous thing a patriot can do. Try to stop the insanity of mass murder. And he again becomes the target of assassins and torturers. Yes, there were assassins and torturers in the US Government who wanted to destroy Ellsberg in 1970. And there was illegal and massive surveillance and dirty tricks against citizens, same as now. Dan Ellsberg has set an example. Courage can be contagious. Courage is dangerous to the oligarchs.

The secrecy and the crimes accumulate. The spies and their bankster patrons cannot permit whistleblowers to tell the truth. Attacks from thugs such as Spandan will become more frequent. The wars have come home. Bring it on, Spandan the War Pimp.

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