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Progressive Economist Predicts Obamacare will Implode 2015-2016

See Alternative Visions – Is Obamacare About to Unwind?

Jack Rasmus, who does the “Alternative Visions” program found on Progressive Radio Network, had an excellent program this week on Obamacare’s likely self-destruction. He rightfully goes back to both Bush and Clinton administration for history on how things got this bad, but he doesn’t spare the Obama administration, in the process. (With a name like “Obamacare”, how could he, even if he wanted to?)

Here is the blurb:

Rasmus reviews the decision last week by the Obama administration to extend the mandate for employer participation in the new health care law for another year, until January 2015. An analysis of the growing problems with implementation of the Affordable Care Act, ACA (Obamacare), is further provided, including growing indications employers are preparing to convert full time workers to part time status to avoid the law; states opting out of providing additional Medicaid coverage per the law; 30+ states still refusing to implement health insurance exchanges; unaffordability of health insurance premiums for both the working poor and middle income households; likely doubling of health insrance premiums for healthy subscribers compared to their present coverage; the impact of long term care (nursing home) exemption from the law and current doubling of premiums; the effects of the 40% excise tax on union negotiated employer health insurance coverage; cuts in payments to safety net hospitals; and other elements. Jack points out the historical connections between Obamacare, George W Bush’s health savings accounts privatization program, and Clinton’s ‘managed care’ and anti-trust exemptions for the health care industry that set off runaway health care inflation. Jack argues Obamacare will implode circa 2015-16, leaving a return to the fight over full privatization of health care (voucher system) advocated by corporations and conversatives vs. the only long term true solution of ‘Medicare for All’.

Rasmus predicts that Obamacare will kill off good union health care plans, and says that nursing homes have already doubled their costs. (I’m a little skeptical of this last claim, as I don’t see how you could keep something that dramatic out of the news.)

He has his own website:

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