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Amazing PBS Documentary on Dogs: “Dogs Decoded”

Check out PBS’s Dogs Decoded

Dogs are genetically capable of reading human emotions, and understanding human pointing even as puppies. In turns of relating to humans, they are more intelligent than chimps, at least in the ways shown in this documentary.

And humans really can understand the significance of different dog barks (OK, 5 or 6 types, only, but who’s counting?).

It’s shown that dogs aren’t socialized wolves, but deliberate selective breeding of foxes shows amazing levels of tameness after only a few generations.

I don’t want to watch the video, again, but from memory, dog owners have a remarkably lower incidence of heart attacks, and a far higher survival rate from heart attacks, when they do occur. (I think about 3x differential, for each.)


In spite of the above, I still firmly believe that people who kiss their dogs on the lips are crazy!

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