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Rick Perry Will Not Run Again for Governor

Monday afternoon Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) announced that he will not seek yet another term. Perry has been the longest serving governor in Texas history.

This is mostly good news for the Republican party in Texas. Perry has become somewhat unpopular after so many years in office. According to a new Public Policy Polling survey his job approval rating is negative with 45 percent approving of his job performance and 50 percent disapproving. Most importantly the poll found voters have significant Perry fatigue, only 30 percent of Texas voters wanted Perry to seek re-election while 60 percent wanted him to step down.

Democrats thin hopes for winning the governor’s race next year rested heavily on voters being completely tired with Perry. Now that Perry is not running the Republican party has a deep bench of top tier candidates to choose from who all have less baggage. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is widely seen as one such possible candidate for the Republican party.

The long term demographics indicate that Texas should eventually start trending blue but it doesn’t seem likely this trend will start next year.

Photo by Gage Skidmore released under Creative Commons License

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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