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Over Easy: Monday Science

Cute, eh?

Your girlfriend might be right, men are were pigs!


Well, I hope everybody had a nice 4th. Around here,a lot of displays got moved or cancelled because of the weather. Two weeks of rains off and on every day. I’m gonna need to rent an alfalfa harvester when my grass finally dries enough to cut.

Did humans evolve from a pig-chimpanzee hybrid?  I can think of a number of women who have suspected that for some time.

Are the climate change deniers using ex-tobacco people and techniques to do their dirty work? If so, we can take some comfort that the tobacco house of cards eventually collapsed.

The remains of a supernova should be pretty hot, right? Seems for the 1987a, that’s not true. And that could explain how supernovas spread the dust that eventually forms planets.

Another turtle going extinct. 4 individuals is just not enough to continue the species no matter how hard we try.

New catalyst to replace platinum. Something much cheaper would be really nice, dropping the price of catalytic converters, batteries and fuel cells. Did you know that back in the early 1900’s, when jewelers first started really using platinum, there was a movement amongst scientists to ban it’s use in jewelry? And there actually was a ban in place during WWI?

A battery made of wood. Not really suitable for cars, but because of the common, cheap materials it could be expanded to store solar energy for use at night.

Where the heck are these cosmic radio bursts coming from? And what the heck are they?

There is still some doubt if the Lake Vostok samples the Russians got are good. Using a different sampling technique, it looks like Bowling Green researchers got data first. And the environmental limits of life expand once again.

Element of the week: Plutonium.

On the subject of Plutonium, here’s the latest from Fukushima. This interview was done by a comedienne, where are they real journalists? Key points: Radiation is MUCH higher in #2 than 1 & 3, implying that more of the melted fuel remained in the building. Odds are it’s under the water at the bottom of the torus. There are “special” (Read: suicide) squads ready to enter the other reactors if things get worst, but the radiation in #2 is so intense that they’d die before they could complete a mission.

The Feast of the Squid!

Boxturtle (Looks like local sweet corn will be available at the farmers markets starting about July 20)


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