Fatster’s Roundup

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International Developments

? “Rebel Groups in Northern Syria Are Fighting Each Other”.  “The Free Youth Movement of Idlib, an activist group, lambasted both the Qaeda militants and the local rebel group [fighting] them.” SOS Kerry still wants to get involved in all this?

? “Mohamed ElBaradei named as interim PM, says Egyptian opposition.”  Update:  Mohamed ElBaradei’s appointment as Egypt’s interim PM thrown into doubt.” Update:  “Egypt clashes continue amid faltering efforts to forge new government: Tensions run high between rival protesters as crowds gather in Tahrir Square to support ‘independence of the nation'”

? The Guardian:  ““Presumably, the WSJ thinks [lucky Egyptians] who dissent are tortured with electricity, raped, thrown from planes or–if they’re really lucky–just shot.” Plus, such lucky Egyptians will find their Pinochet-copy generals “preside over all this with the assistance of Britain and America.”

? “Nigerian students burned alive in extremist attack: One teacher and 29 pupils killed in pre-dawn arson and gun attack on Yobe boarding school by Islamist extremists.”  1600 people “slain by extremists since 2010.”

? “A series of blasts has shaken India’s holiest Buddhist shrine [in Bihar], where the Buddha himself is said to have gained enlightenment”.  Five were injured.

International Finance

The UK and EU don’t seem to be getting along too well:  “Ministers to seize back 100 powers from Brussels . . . in a dramatic move this week.”

? Greece has agreed to cut 4,000 state jobs in exchange for $8.1bn in bailout funds from the International Monetary Fund.  Lots of money to be made off this misery.

Money Matters USA

? Today, average CEO pay to that of the average worker is “273 to 1, meaning the average CEO makes in a day what their workers make in a year.”  Some CEOs and corps named, including Obama’s good friend Jamie.

? “Dodd-Frank executive pay rule [passed in 2010] still in limbo amid pushback from corporate America.”

? “The ‘market’ isn’t working for working people.  The rich have rigged the rules. . . . But why not, unions are asking, end the rule rigging?”

? “Jobless about to take big hit from sequester.”  That’s 11.7 million people.

? NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman “is opening an investigation into the use of payroll cards by large companies” which issue them “in lieu of writing checks” to pay employees, who must bear the cost of bank fees and charges to cash them.

? The BART strike in San Francisco-Oakland, CA is on hold for a month; bargaining continues.

? The DOD tested an anti-ballistic missile interceptor Friday, and it failed.  They’re “continuing a plan to add 14 new anti-ballistic missile interceptors”, nonetheless, which cost $1bn. [cont’d.]

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