I see (hat tip to PoliCyBear) that Liz Cheney is considering running against her father’s old buddy and current United States Senator Mike Enzi in the Republican primary for his seat next year.

Ms. Cheney, 46, is showing up everywhere in the state, from chicken dinners to cattle growers’ meetings, sometimes with her parents in tow. She has made it clear that she wants to run for the Senate seat now held by Michael B. Enzi, a soft-spoken Republican and onetime fly-fishing partner of her father.

But Ms. Cheney’s move threatens to start a civil war within the state’s Republican establishment, despite the reverence many hold for her family.

Mr. Enzi, 69, says he is not ready to retire, and many Republicans say he has done nothing to deserve being turned out.

It would bring about “the destruction of the Republican Party of Wyoming if she decides to run and he runs, too,” Alan K. Simpson, a former Republican senator from the state, said in an interview last week. “It’s a disaster — a divisive, ugly situation — and all it does is open the door for the Democrats for 20 years.”

I think she’ll do it. She’s got Crown Princess Syndrome.

She’s forty-six, so she’s not getting any younger — she can’t wait until after she turns fifty to start her political career and continue the political dynasty her father started. (Think of Victoria’s son Edward, who was fifty-nine when his mother finally died. Or of Charles, who may well be in his seventies when he finally ascends the throne, assuming he doesn’t just abdicate in favor of his eldest son William.)

I mean, really — what would keep her from doing it? They can’t buy her off — her daddy’s got more money than God thanks to Halliburton and his other corporate interests. (Hell, she herself probably was slated to get membership in various boards of directors from the day she was born.) They can’t appeal to her better nature — she’s a Cheney, she has no better nature. Her father is perfectly willing to blow off a decades-long friendship with the guy she wants to unseat, so what’s to stop her?

I think she’ll do it, and I think it will lead to the most expensive Senatorial primary in Wyoming history.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman