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Egyptian Military: Egyptian Democracy RIP!

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Reading  the FDL Firebaggers support for a military coup in another country, by a military that supported a dictator for 30 years, savaged its people and peaceful protesters  is sooo disheartening. Did you learn nothing from Iraq? Did you learn nothing from Lybia? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Syria?

Firebaggers do not understand  that this Military coup is a precedent that has never put Egypt farther from something resembling democracy.

You may not like the government that the Egyptians democratically elected. You may not like the way they have governed. But you should be able to understand the ramifications for the the military to depose Egypt’s first democratically elected government.

But the Firebaggers have no humility, only advocacy for what they think is good for the Egyptians. They cheer for the coup and cheer for the new military dictatorship.

Again, I am not smart enough, nor informed enough to chart a course for the Egyptian people.

But I do know that Democracy does not come about by military coup.Ever! There are few enough recently formed democracies, it is an easy historical fact to confirm. Military coups are democracy stoppers. In the case present, the facts overwhelmingly support that position.

That Firebaggers (most Firebaggers) think  the coup is good and something to cheer or just like to opine on their favorite “candidate” for the military to install as PM all the while avoiding history,fact and acting as if the coup itself was just a mulligan, Very Sad, It’s why I dont come here anymore, your interventionists without the knowledge nor any moral authority to support the coup of a Democratically elected gov

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